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Published on May 14th, 2012


Issue Three Editorial

Many of you guys have friends who attend Adelaide Uni and enjoy reading their student-run magazine On Dit.

It’s been drawn to our attention recently that in their fourth edition, On Dit ran an article comparing UniLife Magazine to the Adelaide Casino.

The author said: “Calling UniLife a ‘magazine’ is a bit like calling the casino a ‘unique cultural centre’…fuck off.”

On Dit responded by refusting “to have an editorial opinion on the casino.”

We were surprised and disappointed to read these comments from a magazine we respect.

The article itself, ‘Student Media’, was about Spur, an alternative student-run magazine started up by those dissatisfied with On Dit (see p. 3 for the full story). You may have seen Spur lying around your campus lately.

The author claimed that, because there was a “distinct lack of a student mag at either of our city’s other two universities (including Flinders)”, the magazine market was “wide open”.

The author also said the Spur editorial team had “received great feedback and interested contributors” from UniSA students – yet when UniLife Magazine spoke to Spur editor Serrin Prior, she confirmed Spur didn’t have a single UniSA contributor for their first issue.

…Wait, what?

We believe that publishing such misinformed, misleading and downright petty views does nothing to help promote friendship and respect between our universities.

Although we appreciate a person’s right to voice their opinion, passing off misinformation as “crucial facts” is deeply concerning.

We’ve since been informed that On Dit has issued an apology to UniLife Magazine in their fifth and latest issue, which we appreciate.

Hopefully both magazines can move on and continue producing quality content for their respective unis.

Anywho, let’s talk about stuff directly relevant to us, shall we?

The SA University Blood Challenge is in full swing, meaning it’s time to start rolling up those sleeves.UniSA is competing against Flinders and Adelaide Uni to see who can save the most lives by donating blood. Keep an eye out for the mobile buses coming to your campus during the year. To take part, head to/, enter “University of South Australia” and complete your details. You’ll need a Donor ID to join, though, so call 13 14 95 to get one.

It’s a very worthy cause, too – one in three people need blood, but unfortunately only one in thirty donates. The challenge ends in October, so get involved and help out!

As always, please get in touch with us at or our Facebook page. We’d love to hear from you, especially if you’ve got a story idea!

Enjoy the issue,

Sean, Sam, Tom and Cat.

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