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Published on August 11th, 2010


The UniLife Masked Ball

The UniLife Masked Ball kicked some pretty serious ass.

Held at the Adelaide Town Hall, UniLife welcomed over 500 students and friends for an evening of masks, music and all-you-can-drink-alchohol.

The venue was stunning. Huge Greco-Roman Pillars holding up an alabaster ceiling; purple lighting draping the whole thing.

People took the whole masked ball thing pretty seriously, too. Lots of amazing dresses on show, and pretty faces behind extraordinary masks.

The evening saw a performance from the UniSA Breakdance Club, who didn’t wear masks – but were amazing nonetheless. We also got to see a little of what a real Masked Ball would look like when the UniSA Ballroom Dance Club showed us what real dancing looks like.

You’ll find a whole bunch of event pics in our gallery just below and if you went, and took some good pics, let us know – we’d love to put em up!

If you went to the event, tell us your experiences below!

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4 Responses to The UniLife Masked Ball

  1. Christie says:

    We’re still waiting to get the bulk of them, but we should be getting most of them by next week.

    We’ll let you guys know through the facebook page/unilife weekly/carrier pigeon, but don’t forget to keep checking back!

    And if you’ve got any of your own send them our way – we’d love to have them!

    The Eds

  2. Macky says:

    I would say it was great and fun night. Nice pictures. ;-)

  3. Louisa says:

    Where are the rest of the photo’s though?

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