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Published on March 19th, 2012


Ten Days Waiting

By Jessica Efseaff

The sounds of a guitar being strummed greeted me as I walked up the driveway towards my first interview with newly formed UniSA band Ten Days Waiting.

Standing in the yard was a bus (creatively turned recording booth), where I met with band members Sam, Nicole and Vaughan.

The final two band members, Braden and Jordan, arrived later to make the atmosphere akin to chillin’ with some cool friends at the end of a long day.

Getting together at the end of last year, the band is still pretty fresh and raw. By chance they all happened to be enrolled in UniSA’s Music Theatre course last year, and that’s when their roots started forming.

I happened to attend the final performance for students in that course and enjoyed a preview of Ten Days Waiting while in their infant stage.

One major positive they already have going for them is talent – a whole bus load of it.

Any group can get together, mix a few tracks and call themselves a band, but few can truly be one. Ten Days Waiting isn’t your typical ‘garage band’.

Songs are co-written and composed by the entire band. One song in particular, White Noise, stemmed from an unhappy turn of events during a performance last year where their equipment was unplugged mid-act. Apparently anything louder than jazz is just too much for some outdoor events, packed with large groups of teenagers.

On the plus side, the song is rather catchy and bound to get people at least tapping their feet along to the beat, with an easy chorus to sing along to by the end.

When asked what genre they classified themselves as, there was a bit of awkward and nervous laughter as they don’t really categorise their music as one particular style.

It’s a bit of punk, rock, metal, acoustic, indie, alternative…the list goes on. At a recent gig they were told that it’s like a washing machine of sounds, in a good way.

So where can you see Ten Days Waiting perform? If you attended any of the heats or finals for the National Campus Band Competition last year, you may have already.

They made it through to the state finals, only narrowly missing out on flying to Melbourne for the finale in October. For those unaware, it’s the largest live band competition in the southern hemisphere with up to 400 bands from more than 40 institutions battling it out for uni supremacy.

You’ve probably heard of some of the previous winners and entrants: Eskimo Joe, The Vines, Jebediah, George, Grinspoon, Waikiki, Frenzal Rhomb, 78 Saab, Augie March and The Vasco Era, just to name a few!

Ten Days Waiting have just finished playing at The Grand Academy of Lagado, but they’re already planning their next move.

Perhaps you’ll see them ripping it up at Fuse Festival 2013. Whatever the case, keep an eye (and ear) on these guys.

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